Spoken Word Theater

Amors Psyche

A theatrical hybrid.
Leander Dörr

The spoken theater performance Amors Psyche does not focus on the classic love story between Amor and Psyche; alternatively, the artists question role models, relationship dynamics, dream and illusion. Based on the plot of the Roman fairytale de Psyche et Cupidine, the performance searches for forms that do not use digital space as a replacement for physical space, but experiment with digital forms of expression as an expansion of physical space instead.

Playing times
We 26.05 20:00 - 21:30

90 minutes

Digital Event
What: Livestream


Director: Leander Dörr
Text: Leander Dörr, Magdalena Gräslund, Ben Engelgeer
Performers: Judith Gailer, Magdalena Gräslund, Ben Engelgeer, Marlene Kommallein, Pepe Röpnack, Laetitia Toursarkissian, Leon Blohm, Zarah Kofler, Henrick Sternke
Costume: Zarah Kofler, Luisa Merz
Stage: Lilith Krause
Music & Sound: Julian Dörr
Technique: Henry Meier, Kai Otte


In cooperation with Refo Moabit, funded bei "stark gemacht" und "Dein Ding".


REFO Moabit

Beusselstrasse 35, 10553, Berlin