Two dance solos
Franziska Doffin & Dakota Comín

Chicken&Egg examines the influence of individual components on dance as a process. How does it change when movement qualities and rhythm change and new information is permanently added? Contradictions between form and experience, spontaneity and precision as well as strength and fragility arise and are integrated.

Volver means returning. In the piece, a dialogue between body, space, need and situation is created. In the attempt to change memories and structures, the dancers give themselves up to a place of unending transformation. 

Both solos are presented in one event and relate to each other – but they are two independent works.

Playing times
We 26.05 21:00 - 22:00

60 minutes



"Chicken&Egg" - choreography, dance: Franziska Doffin
"Volver" - choreography, dance: Dakota Comín
Music: Carlos Andrés Ortéga


Franziska Doffin

Franziska Doffin studied at Tanzfabrik Berlin, at the University of Malta and received her Bachelor's degree at Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy as a dancer and choreographer in 2019. One piece she created during her studies was "Kocka", which was danced several times in Budapest and Moscow in 2018. She received the Erasmus+ scholarship for her solo "Shirt Bird". As a dancer she has worked with Willi Dorner, Marcela Giesche, Tijen Lawton and Kadir Memis, as a choreographic assistant with Grupo Oito, as a translator with Constanza Macras, and she has toured with Lina Saneh and Rabin Mroué as a technician. Franziska was on her way to becoming a visual artist before she devoted herself to dance, and so her way of working today is still between form and empathy.

Dakota Comín

Dakota Comín is a contemporary dancer, teacher and choreographer who graduated in 2013 from the Professional Conservatoy of Dance in Valencia, Spain. Afterwards, she got involved in different studies in Madrid, such as anthropology or visual arts. Meanwhile, she creates the works "Invisible Body" (Teatro del Arte Madrid) and "Limones para todos" (1st prize in Micro Danza Contest Madrid in DT Espacio Escénico). From 2016 to 2018 she collaborates with Natalia Fernandes and other choreographers such as Mey-Ling Bisogno or Yuri Gudushauri in different cities in Spain and Portugal.
In 2018 she moves to Berlin, where she works in dance projects at HZT University or Radial System.
She gets the STOTT Pilates certification and starts teaching Pilates and Contemporary Dance in different studios in Berlin. In parallel she develops her own practices and creations: "No Body's Mind" (Cross Attic Prague, Ufer Studios Berlin and CCC Valencia 2018/2019) and her solo "Volver" (Lake Studios Berlin, Tanzzentrale Nürnberg, Espai Inestable Valencia).

ACUD Theater

Veteranenstraße 21, 10119 Berlin