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Jakob & Schleiff / feelings.mem

The interactive online exhibition Cybersexhibition offers a playful approach to sexuality and challenges it at the same time. In a safe and moderated space, viewers are encouraged and empowered to research the diversity of sexual identities. Anonymous personal expectations can be checked here and a feeling for one’s own sensitivities can be developed.

Playing times
We 26.05 18:30 - 20:00 Th 27.05 18:30 - 20:00 Fr 28.05 18:30 - 20:00 Sa 29.05 18:30 - 20:00

90 minutes

Ticket price regular: 5,00 €
Digital Event
What: Digital live performance on a Discord server
The link to the platform will be personalized and sent after the ticket purchase.


Development: Jil Dreyer, Josef Mehling, Elisabeth Jakob & Christopher Schleiff
Performer: Jil Dreyer, Josef Mehling, Elisabeth Jakob & Christopher Schleiff
Dramaturgical consulting: Christian Müller
Graphics / animation: Valentin Peter Eisele
Video design: Jones Seitz
Production management: Helena Bschaden
Sex education counseling: Souzan AlSabah
Social media & public relations: Jasmin Elliott
Server admin consulting: Sebastian Sangervasi
Cultural management consulting: Elisa Bilko


Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.


Jil Dreyer

Jil Dreyer (they/she) is a German performance artist and theatre educator. Jil studied theater and political science at FU Berlin and graduated in 2021 with a Master's degree in Applied Theatre Studies from JLU in Giessen. They are particularly interested in topics around intimacy, solidarity and intersectional queer feminism, which they see as equally important for their political as well as artistic and teaching work. In 2011, they began directing various children's and youth theater groups for Schauspiel Hannover, Hans-Otto-Theater Potsdam, and at the Ricarda Huch School in Giessen, among others. In June 2018, in a residency together with the collective Scene:Bluss, they created the 10-hour performance Hellmouth Edition for the Porsgrunn International Theater Festival. Since 2017, they have been developing on- and offline performances and games with Josef Mehling as FEELINGS. Here they conceive, write, perform, speak, dance, and design together with Josef. The collective has performed at Staatstheater Mainz, Künstlerhaus Mounsonturm, and Gessnerallee Zürich, among others. 

Jil lives in Berlin.

Josef Mehling

Josef Mehling (he*) is a German/US-American performance artist and theatre educator. He* grew up in California and thought for a long time that he* wanted to be an actor. In 2012, he* received his B.A. in theatre from Wesleyan University in Connecticut. His* education there also included training at the Moscow Art Theatre and the Bread & Puppet Theatre in Vermont. In 2021, he* completed the master’s program in applied theatre studies at Justus Liebig University Giessen. In 2015, he* wrote/performed the solo piece This is Torture for English Theatre Berlin's Expat Expo. In 2016, he* worked on and performed in Spielraum Kollektiv's performance Relax Now!, which premiered at Archa Theatre in Prague and was performed at the Festival Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo in León, Mexico, and elsewhere. In 2017, he* worked as a dramaturg and dancer for the multimedia production Licht at Ackerstadt Palast in Berlin. He* has taught theater courses and workshops at various schools and institutions both in the US and in Germany. Since 2017, he* has been developing on- and offline performances and games with Jil Dreyer as FEELINGS. Here he* conceives, writes, performs, speaks, dances, and designs together with Jil. The collective has performed at Staatstheater Mainz, Künstlerhaus Mounsonturm, and Gessnerallee Zürich, among others. Jo lives in Berlin.

Liza Jakob

Liza Jakob ist Schauspieler*in (Dipl. HfMDK Frankfurt) und Musik-Performer*in. Als Teil des Ensembles am JES in Stuttgart entwickelte Liza Performance-Formate für Kinder und Jugendliche, wie "Anleitung zum Einsamsein", ein Stück für Jugendliche über Depression, „Heartcore Research 2.0“ eine installative Performance über Sexualität oder das Tanztheaterprojekt „Ich will“. Liza mitbegründete das Band-Kollektiv „Die Schlangenknaben“. Genre- und genderoffene performen die Schlangenknaben Klassik aus queerfeministischer Perspektive.

Christopher Schleiff

Christopher Schleiff begann mit zehn Jahren zu zaubern, 2009-2013 studierte er Zeitgenössische Puppenspielkunst an der HfS „Ernst Busch“ in Berlin. Als Puppenspieler, Zauberkünstler und Puppenbauer war er unter anderem für ZDF Siebenstein, die Siemens AG, das Bundesgesundheitsministerium und die Staatsoper Hannover tätig. In seinen Arbeiten befinden sich die traditionellen Handwerke Puppenspiel und Zauberkunst in Kommunikation mit einer digitalen Gegenwart. Christopher Schleiff wohnt in Berlin.

Christian Müller

Christian Müller, Regisseur, lebt in Stuttgart. Neben Arbeiten für diverse Stadttheater, verwirklicht er vor allem Freie Theaterprojekte. Stücke und Performances entwickelt er gleichermaßen für Erwachsene und junges Publikum. Auch als Autor, Dozent oder Radiomoderator arbeitet er gelegentlich. Sein Interesse gilt Gegenwartsthemen und ihrer Übertragung in aktuelle theatrale Formen.

Valentin Peter

Valentin Peter Eisele studierte Informationsdesign in Graz und arbeitete anschließend als Grafik- und Setdesigner bei Stan Studios in Stuttgart. Über freie Grafikprojekte – für das Jungen Ensemble Stuttgart, backsteinhaus produktion und das Citizen.KANE.Kollektiv – kam er ans Theater und begann auch Bühnen- und Kostümbilder zu entwicklen. Daraufhin absolvierte er den Masterstudiengang Stage Design an der National Academy of Dramatic Art, The Lir, in Irland. Seit seinem Abschluss 2016 kooperierte er als freier Grafikdesigner und Bühnen-/Kostümbildner unter anderem mit dem Jungen Ensemble Stuttgart, backsteinhaus produktion im Theater Rampe, dem Citizen.KANE.Kollektiv, dem Theater Oberhausen, The Ume Group New York, Schleiff Live, Headless Illusions, dem Wollwerk, der Pop-Up-Stage-Stuttgart, Planet B234 und den Schlangenknaben.

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