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BORGTHEATER – cyborg performing theater

For this gaming theater premiere, BORGTHEATER offers all audience members the opportunity to upload themselves: T.R.U.E. is the name of the country in which, thanks to smart algorithms and hyper-powerful artificial intelligence, all inhabitants live an ideal life in harmony with themselves. After all, who wouldn't want to live out their wildest dreams without harming others?

Via cell phone app and computer, the user simply dials in via a link and then ends up in the anteroom of T.R.U.E. with two personal coaches, who determine the "human essence" of the viewers for the data upload via chat and multiple-choice answers. 

The game theater premiere is an invitation to reflect on technological fantasies of redemption and radicalized environmental politics, to experience group dynamics, to make decisions, to expose oneself to moral dilemmas – and above all to play. The outcome of the experiment will be different for everyone – depending on where the unconventional coaching takes the audience....

Playing times
We 26.05 20:00 - 21:00 Th 27.05 20:00 - 21:00 Fr 28.05 20:00 - 21:00 Sa 29.05 17:30 - 18:30 Sa 29.05 20:00 - 21:00

60 minutes

Ticket price regular: 10,00 €
Ticket price reduced: 7,00 €
E-Mail: tickets [at]
Digital Event
What: Livestream with theater app
The access data as well as the link will be sent by e-mail after the ticket purchase.

For the Customerzombification trilogy (DATA-Land is the second part), Borgtheater is going completely digital for the first time: with the help of web browser-based streaming and the TotoGo theater app, the ensemble gets into playful contact with the audience. All you need is a computer or pad with an Internet connection and (!) a smartphone for the app to enter T.R.U.E.


Directing, Play Development, Game Design: Rolf Kasteleiner
Acting: Charlotte Alten, Mandy Rudski, Oliver Möller & Deniz Orta
Programming: Markus Schubert
Game Design Consulting: Eria Korte
Dramaturgy: Aldus Kiss
Costume & Stage: Eleonora Pedretti
Assistant Director: Johanna Winkens
Press: Nora Gores
Internship: Jana Klimmek


Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.



BORGTHEATER – cyborg performing theater

The group "BORGTHEATER - cyborg performing theater" was founded in 2013 by director Rolf Kasteleiner in Berlin. In search of a non-naturalistic form of performance and a new participatory approach, he developed the format "cyborg organism theater" together with game designers, which makes game mechanisms of video games fruitful for theater and involves spectators with and without technical aids as co-players in the plot of BORGTHEATER's productions.