Der schwarze Flamingo

Interactive Dada-Thriller
Chapeau Club

Der schwarze Flamingo is a surreal dada thriller whose interactive performance brings anarchy to digital space. Exhausted investigators, locked up in their home offices are supposed to solve the missing flamingo case. The inspectors investigate in a Kafkaesque manner, calling upon their colleagues in Kreuzberg as well as their screens for help. The audience members are connected to the investigators in real time via Twitch, Instagram, Telegram and Zoom and jointly decide about the fate of the suspects.

Playing times
Th 27.05 17:00 - 18:30 Fr 28.05 20:15 - 21:45

90 minutes

Ticket price regular: 10,00 € (regular), 15,00 € (support price)
Ticket price reduced: 5,00 €
Digital Event
What: The project will be streamed and YouTube.
The link will be sent after the ticket purchase.
Event notes

Following the digital performance on May 28 at 20:15, the exchange format "SichtWeisheiten DIGITAL" by Theaterscoutings Berlin invites you to exchange ideas about the kafkaesque investigation and the role of the inspector during and after the performance. A format by and with Marie Golüke. 

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Director: Chapeau Club (Magdalena Schnitzler, Simone Bury, Marc Nikoleit)
camera & editing: Marc Nikoleit, Simone Bury
Music: Rupert Schnitzler
Acting: Simone Bury, Magdalena Schnitzler, Marc Nikoleit, Julia Jäger, Hauke van den Pütten, Danijela Remer, Daphne Roeder, Jean-Paul Muller, Konstantin Bühler, Max Breger, Susan Baksai, Rupert Schnitzler, Johanna Wildhagen, Elevin Elli, Carotto
Technique: Florian Hombergen


Chapeau Club

Since 2012, Chapeau Club has been developing immersive installations, surreal, participatory theater pieces, and extreme formats, such as four-day performances. In addition, there are interventions in public space that draw on the traditions of Fluxus and Dada. The aim is to create a form of theater that is committed to experimentation and in which the spectators become actors in the play. The productions present themselves as site-specific projects in which reality is transformed into abstraction. In this sense, the ensemble often performs at non-theater venues such as clubs and music festivals, creates open-air performances, and strives to overcome the categories of high culture and subculture. The participating artists operate in these contexts as "kings" of mobile performances. In this way, the Chapeau Club collective aims to establish a new accessible popular and urban theater. The ensemble of up to 40 people consists of actors, amateurs and musicians.