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a <network> performance
Renee Carmichael & Joana Chicau

With the implementation of the World Wide Web, the question of the relationship between the digital and the real has been discussed a great deal. In today’s network society, where technology and the body grow ever closer together, this distinction hardly exists. Joana Chicau & Renee Carmichael continue the dialogue they first initiated years ago and move through works that explore how movements are interwoven with code practices. Screen and wall are transformed into hybrid digital-physical spaces that allow sensitive interfaces to be experienced.

Playing times
Fr 28.05 19:00 - 22:00

180 minutes

Digital Event
Event notes

In addition to the livestream, there is a permanent online exhibition.

More information is available here.


Renee Carmichael & Joana Chicau


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Renee Carmichael

Renee Carmichael is a researcher, writer, and artist who dwells in the liminal and is inspired by quantum thinking and science. She experiments with movement and code, exploring the calculated and the feeling through intimate performances, texts, podcasts, videos, algorithms, and online artworks. The format of her artworks emerge from the aims and contents themselves, in other words, each work is a process that experiments with subtle new ways of being a body alongside digital technologies. Her practice brings together poetic and interdisciplinary ideas that explore the boundaries between theory and practice through improvisation and imaginative equations, where each step becomes a new question that builds upon the last through felt experiences.

Joana Chicau

Joana Chicau is a graphic designer, researcher and coder, with a background in choreography and performance. Her methodolgy explores how design and coding practices interfere deeper with interface design and information displays — when considering choreographic thinking, embodiment and new movement perception possibilities. She privileges the use of Free-Libre Open Source software, and projects are delivered across multiple media: websites and online platforms, to printed books and publications, performative events and space design. 

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