Puppet/Object Theater Spoken Word Theater

Ka im Grab

Dance, object and media theater
Anoush Azizi

A snapshot of the Egyptian spring from the point of view of two sisters. While one sees herself confronted by her own disappointments, the other has never dared to expect anything from life. In both cases, the protest of women is nipped in the bud. “Being a woman means always being sealed away in a tomb.” - this is still daily reality for many women around the world. Ka im Grab presents this reality and simultaneously calls for breaking free from these patterns of violence and repression.

Playing times
Th 27.05 20:00 - 21:00 Fr 28.05 17:00 - 18:00

60 Minuten

Digital Event
What: Video recording


Director: Anoush Azizi
Text: Maryam Mansouri
Translation: Azadeh Fathi
Dramaturgy & assistant director: Johanna Winkens
Set design: Neda Aizizi
Costume design: Sahar Rashidian
Artistic collaboration: Golnaz Farmani
Performers/Dancers: Lydia Steer, Therese Banzhaf, Parvin Sharifirajabi, Lydia Georgantzi, Bita Rezania, Marie Kosky & Parastoo Taghizadieh
Voices: Salman Farkhondeh & Teymur Mokhtari
Technique: Torsten Eißrich


With the kind support of the Berlin School of Drama.

Berliner Schule für Schauspiel

Boxhagener Straße 18, 10245, Berlin