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RECLAIM THE STREETS (mobile edition)

An audiowalk through Schöneberg.
Marius Zoschke, Marie Pooth & Felix J. Mohr

What kind of city will Berlin be tomorrow? What can we change? What can we do for the neighborhood we live in and help to shape and what have we already been able to do in it? The audio walk Reclaim the Streets not only guides us through the animated history of Schöneberg, but also sweeps us away into a world where urbanity needs to be defined anew.

Playing times
We 26.05 14:00 - 20:00 Th 27.05 14:00 - 20:00 Fr 28.05 14:00 - 20:00 Sa 29.05 14:00 - 20:00

approx. 90 minutes per audiowalk

Further notes: In order to allow all visitors access to the event, regardless of financial limitations, donations are requested instead of charging an entrance fee. There are three options:
1) PayPal donation to the Paypal account:
2) Transfer of any amount to Marie Pooth; IBAN: DE09 1101 0100 2183 5578 74
3) Cash donation possible at the end of the tour via a donation box
Digital Event
What: Audio walk
The audio walk is available for download as an mp3 file and can be walked individually. A player (cell phone, mp3 player or similar.) and headphones are required. Audio files, a tutorial and maps are available at the link above.
Event notes

The audiowalk can be made in the period from 2 pm to 8 pm on the days indicated. If you do it outside these times, not all locations may be accessible.

The audiowalk is a group experience, we recommend not doing it alone, but together with your own household/partner/another person. It is essential to respect the current contact restrictions.

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Text and concept: Marius Zoschke, Marie Pooth & Felix J. Mohr

Spoken by: Martin Jörg, Celina Schneider, Ricarda Maria Peters, Jan-Robert Frank, Caroline Grau, Alessia Ludovici, Alex Bäke, Sophie de Frenne, Marius Zoschke & Felix J. Mohr

Director/Producer: Marius Zoschke
Dramaturgy: Marie Pooth
Assistant directors and producers: Felix J. Mohr & Evelyn Meier
Recording technology: Louis Oßwald
Editing: Marius Zoschke, Marie Pooth &Louis Oßwald
Stage design: Josefine Ketelsen & Gerlinde Koch
Design: Arkadij Blinow
Photos: Lukas Probst


Supported by Kiezfonds Schöneberg & Frank Farenski Film UG.
With the kind support of:
Norbert Rheinländer from the Bürgerinitiative Westtangente e.V.
Begzada Alatovic, Bosiljka Schedlich and Michael Kraft from südost Europa Kultur e.V.
Cornelia Dittrich from the Alliance Temporary Play Streets


Marius Zoschke

Marius Zoschke studied theater studies and philosophy. He is currently completing his master's degree in theater studies at the FU Berlin and is working for the EU-funded platform "PlayOn! - New Storytelling with Immersive Technologies" as an assistant curator. He works as a director and producer with a focus on immersive storytelling and art in public space. Along the way, he not only realizes audiowalks, but also created the charity event "IT MATTERS – Together against Racism", assisted in productions by Rimini Protokoll, Roman Senkl and others in the areas of stage design, dramaturgy, mixed reality and developed various event series.

Marie Pooth

Marie Pooth studied theater studies and comparative literature at the LMU Munich as well as Arts du Spectacle at the Université Rennes 2 until 2018. In Munich, she realized her own play developments and adaptations in the independent scene, founded the theater collective Tod&Teufel and the impro group Lichterloh and worked for the Fastfood Theater and the Literaturhaus, among others. Through assisting in two immersive productions she discovered her passion for this genre. She currently lives and works in Berlin as a freelance dramaturg and copywriter, writing plays and developing audio walks.

Felix J. Mohr

Felix J. Mohr studied cultural studies and aesthetic practice in Hildesheim, musical acting and directing in Málaga and is currently finishing his master's degree in theater studies at the FU Berlin. He writes and directs his own plays ("Watermelons for Napoleon", "Zur dicken Wachtel") and will be an assistant director at the Wolfgang Borchert Theater in Münster from August 2021.

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