First Performance of the Trilogy of Power
Daniela Marcozzi

Italy, June 13, 2012: Ten people are accused of being members of a “subversive terrorist organization”. Three of them were my close friends. They were held for an entire year without due process in so-called “preventive custody” due to the Italian counterterrorism act. The performance RIGHT ON! is inspired by the powerful feelings of rage and helplessness but is also a call for strength, for action and a motivation to “keep on living despite everything”.

Playing times
Sa 29.05 21:00 - 22:00

60 minutes

Ticket price regular: 15,00 €
Ticket price reduced: 10,00 €
Phone: 030/44359497
E-Mail: theater [at]
Event notes

When attending the event, contact details of all audience members must be collected so that they can be informed in the event of a reported infection. The data will be treated confidentially and deleted 2 weeks after the event. A daily negative test result, the ID or passport and a FFP2 mask must be brought to the performance. If the performance is cancelled due to corona, the full ticket price will be refunded.


Author and performer: Daniela Marcozzi


Kunstunterstützung: Peter Rose/Practical Works


Daniela Marcozzi

Daniela Marcozzi lives and works as a freelance artist, theater director, educator and researcher most of the time in Berlin. In 2015 she moved to Berlin, where she founded the company "Marcozzi Contemporary Theater". In collaboration with dancers, musicians and performers she has produced and performed many individual and group pieces in Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Winterthur, Rome, Bruxelles, Zagreb, New York and New Orleans among others. Daniela leads theater courses and workshops. As part of her Master's program in Artistic Research at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri, Lugano, she is realizing a training method that brings together life sciences and expressive arts, inspired by the theory of the "biochemistry of emotions".

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