Film Music Theater/Performance


A short film from a time where people were not allowed to get too close.

In the echo of dance, theater, surreal costume design, and religious sound, the short film RÜHRMICHNICHTAN searches for expression of what all of us are experiencing right now: feelings of loneliness, isolation, and uncertainty. It also asks how it is possible to experience closeness and community feeling in times of social distancing.

Playing times
We 26.05 on demand - Th 27.05 on demand - Fr 28.05 on demand - Sa 29.05 on demand -

50 minutes

Digital Event
What: Short film


Concept & direction: Uta Hertneck
Costume design: Simone Westphal & Neïtah Janzing
Camera direction: Felix Hertneck
Camera: Jonathan Deges
Make-up: Saskia Kurzweg
Assistant director: Neïtah Janzing
Dance: Natalia Sésé Cabello
Acting: Max Haase, Alwine Klooz, Johanna Meinhard & Lisa Riesner


Possibly in collaboration with the Silent Green cultural quarter.


Uta Hertneck, LYRIDEN*18


Uta Hertneck

Uta Hertneck, Master's degree in German and French philology and theater studies. Theater projects in the independent scene in Munich, dramaturge at the Stadttheater Koblenz. Trained as a film dramaturge at Nordmedia, lecturer in dramaturgy at the Institute for Film and Television Professions in Berlin. Cooperation with various film and TV production companies. Uta Hertneck initiated the LYRIDEN*18 in order to search together in an interdisciplinary way for each project its own stage language.

Simone Westphal, LYRIDEN*18


Simone Westphal

Simone Westphal is a visual artist, works in Berlin and deals in her work with different materials. The main focus is painting, which deals with philosophical issues, combines levels of reality, makes permeable and explores. Felt portrait sculptures and the rare technique of paper painting occupy a large space in her work. Her works can be seen in many national and international exhibitions, most recently in front of the Guggenheim Museum in New York. The project "Rührmichnichtan" in its interdisciplinary combination of theater, visual arts, music and dance is particularly appealing to her, as in this context art can be understood as a mobile installation of costumes and people.

Neïtah Janzing, LYRIDEN*18


Neïtah Janzing

Neïtah Janzing trained as a costume designer and set designer at the Cégep de St-Hyacinthe theater school in Quebec, Canada. She has been living and working between Berlin and Prague for the past year. Her work and projects, which move between visual art, costume, set design and writing, have been performed in various plays, performance and scenography festivals, exhibitions and reading stages in Canada, Germany, the UK and the Czech Republic.