Suitable for english audience Performance

In the sapidity lies the fiddlestickacy

Die Mumpitz AG

If your own four walls are starting to get on your nerves after a year of pandemic, the online performance The flavor lies in the nonsense makes it possible for you to playfully rearrange your living space. Mumpitz AG comes to the participants’ homes and takes them on a COVID-19-compliant residential adventure full of surprise, artistic chaos and playful invasion.

Playing times
Sa 29.05 18:43 - 19:43

60 minutes

Further notes: on a donation basis (link follows in the online event)
Digital Event
What: Livestream via Zoom and Youtube


Roana Salome Falkenberg & Susi Rosenbohm


Funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe


Roana Salome Falkenberg

Roana Salome Falkenberg is a freelancing artist living in Berlin. She loves to combine her different backgrounds like dance and performance, choreography, storytelling, astrological coaching, anthropology and islamic studies on stage and in facilitating classes and workshops for movement and to connect to creativity. Important for her creative processes are her research about (lucid) dreaming and about the connection of the consciousness and the subconsciousness. Currently she is becoming a practitioner of the Feldenkrais method, is researching about the subjects labyrinth, self-efficacy from a somatic perspective and is teaching the chorus for a project from the German Opera Berlin in cooperation with the Munich Biennale, called once to be realised

Susi Rosenbohm is a Berlin based dancer, facilitator, choreographer and somatic coach. They work as a dancer/performer in different contexts of performing arts and fine arts. Susi shows their own choreographic and collaborative artistic work nationally and leads workshops, dance projects and feminist education in various contexts. They are a co-founder of Womxn Making Art In Public Space and of the artist collective Bisu ro.