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shared space / distinct voices

An OhOK Performance Group production
Britt Davis, Whitney Casal, Sofi Seta & Anna Rose

shared spaces / distant voices, presents solos by four Berlin dance artists that have been combined into one piece. Each solo dance was created in the year 2020 - each of them has been in some way influenced by the artistic and creative obstacles of the past year: while some were performed virtually and had to be adapted to another medium, others were developed from interrupted rehearsals and postponed performances. The results have made a new kind of collaboration possible and result in a fusing of individual creative processes - but with a common goal in sight: making dance more accessible and more collaborative.

The solo performances are:

Now and Not Yet by Whitney Casal, OhOK Performance Group
Act Natural by Britt Davis, OhOK Performance Group
Transition by Sofi Seta
June by Anna Rose

Playing times
Sa 29.05 15:00 - 16:00 Sa 29.05 18:00 - 19:00 Sa 29.05 21:00 - 22:00

approx. 60 minutes

Ticket price regular: 10,00 € (recommended donation)
Further notes: To see the digital performance and support the artists and the venue, a donation is requested. A suggested amount of 10,00 € can be sent to the donation link above.
Digital Event
What: Livestream
The stream is available via the link during the festival period.


Direction: Britt Davis / Whitney Casals
Performers: Britt Davis, Whitney Casals, Sofi Seta, Anna Rose


Expedition Metropolis


OhOK Performance Group

The OhOK Performance Group was created in 2019 by American, Berlin-based dance artists, Whitney Casal and Britt Davis. These two friends and collaborators began moving together in 2011, while studying Dance at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. In their new creative endeavors together, Britt and Whit engage in a three-pronged approach through creation, performance, and teaching. Their choreographic works explore intricate and purposeful physical partnering, blending in themes of self and relatedness, among others. The aim of OhOK Performance Group is to propose a platform for creating interdisciplinary performance works, collaborating with artists and institutions locally and abroad. With dance as the basis for their creations, these women are open to exploring possibilities with musicians, visual artists, videographers, and other artists alike. The name itself was inspired to encapsulate any artistic collaborators that engage in their processes.

Britt Davis

Brittany (Britt) Davis is an American dance artist, originally from Norfolk, Virginia and currently residing in Berlin, Germany. She is internationally recognized for her versatility as a choreographer, performer, and dance educator. As a contemporary performer, Britt regularly engages in collaborative project work with movement and sound artists, serving as a visual representation through both live and music video performance. Britt regularly gives classes throughout Berlin to movers of all ages and levels, educating the future generations of dance and bringing new mover’s to discover their own creative being. In January 2017, she saw an opportunity to implement the first extracurricular dance program at the Berlin Brandenburg International School. Since, the program has covered ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance, influencing over 75 international growing minds. Britt guides her career with an interest in dance performance, dance & filmmaking, dance photography, and arts in education.

Whitney Casal

Whitney Casal is a Spanish-Canadian-American dance artist currently based in Berlin, Germany. Her multicultural background largely fuels her love for travel, and passion for a deeper, more integrated worldview through the arts. Much of her creative impulses stem from an interest in relational research. She explores processes which facilitate uncovering layers of Self, seeking to share self empowerment through radical authenticity. She is both curious about and motivated by the peeling of these layers – and how it translates from and through the entire living experience. Currently she works as a freelance dancer, choreographer, and educator in Berlin. Pre-COVID, many of her collaborations were international, so she is currently reimagining how these interactions can continue and be fortified within our new circumstances. Apart from dancing, she is an an avid yoga asana and meditation practitioner. These days she seeks to find ways of blending these modes, exploring healing practices in / with / through Dance.

Sofi Seta

Sofi Seta is a dancer/performer from Argentina, based in Berlin. She is a Hip Hop and Contemporary Dancer and has a strong background in Urban Dance. She has been performing with different Dance Companies, while developing her own dance language through improvisation. Being on stage has became one of her favorite experiences.

Anna Rose

Anna Rose is a Berlin-based artist hailing from the Shawangunk mountains of New York. She wears many hats, and can often be spotted wearing at least 3 at any given time: dancer, choreographer, singer, Inspire by Fighting Monkey® instructor, director, editor, producer, Shakespeare enthusiast, stone collector, and crag wanderer. Rose received her early dance training in a variety of classical, folk, and percussive dance forms; from flamenco to ballet, the Dabke to West African Kuku, hip-hop to classical modern, and Appalachian clog dancing.  In 2016, Rose earned her BFA in dance from NYU Tisch School of the Arts (NYC). She has performed and taught extensively at festivals and venues across the USA, and has worked with a variety of choreographers in New York and Europe, including Vita Osojnik, Luke Murphy, Maxine Doyle, Judith Sánchez Ruíz, Netta Yerushalmy, Chris Jäger, Gregory Dolbashian, Jeanne Bresciani (IDII), Elizabeth Coker, Kay Cummings, Berit Ahlgren, and Kyle Mullins Moving Arts. Rose's own work is interdisciplinary in nature, fusing dance, theatre, music and film. Her films, works for the stage, and site-specific creations have been presented at festivals and venues in New York, Italy, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, France, Sweden, and the UK. She is currently in the midst of several dance film creations, sustained by a love of detail, chaos, and strong coffee. Anna is interested in communication through and between bodies, the necessity of nonsense, and silence. Her movement and teaching practices are rooted in rhythm, instinct, chaos, laughter, and a hunger for discovery. 

Theater Expedition Metropolis

Ohlauer Str. 41, 10999, Berlin