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Me to Me to Others (digital version)
ACap (As Clo as possible)

There are two of us, or just one person and yet still multiple. We don’t have very much to say and yet we definitely want to scream. Being two is easier. One pushes the door, the other pulls it. We have experienced the unpleasantness of life. We have felt irritation. We have punished ourselves for not being what we want to be. Now we have the compulsion to puke up the restrictions and embrace every surprise. In the film performance Shell, two performers present the duality of an inner and external view of certain living conditions.

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25 minutes

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Digital Event
What: Video Performance
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Event notes

Language: French with English or German subtitles


Direction, Dramaturgy & Performance: Astrid Rostaing & Cloé de Coquereaumont


ACap (As Clo as possible)

Cloé de Coquereaumont

ACap (As Clo as possible) are Astrid Rostaing and Cloé de Coquereaumont, the group was born at the end of 2019 from a common wish and need of expression. It came up in a moment of our lives where we felt the urge to let our creativity explore our own limitations. We created ACap as a meeting of two sensitivities, in which we mirror our strengths and weaknesses to break through our fears.




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