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Virtual Club of Dangerous Women

Katharina Haverich, Yael Sherill & Lianne Mol

The Virtual Club of Dangerous Women is a disembodied conspiratory incorporation of individuals who share savage dreams, disruptive visions and fierce imaginaries of female violence against men. It manifests the collective subconscious of generations of feminist resilience and sovereignty. Transcending the physical limitations of biological sex, geographical location, economical circumstances and cultural background, the members incarnate as avatars.

In this rare public surfacing, initiated by Katharina Haverich in collaboration with Yael Sherill and Lianne Mol, octopuses, frogs and other animated characters descend into the darkest corners of their subconscious, and bring their violent dreams onto the virtual stage. They are enlisting other dangerous women to share their own dreams, and join a decentralized chorus of radical voices.

These testimonies will be collected in the framework of a docu-visionary performance art project, and will erupt into a performative installation for real and virtual space.

Playing times
Th 27.05 14:00 - 15:30

90 minutes

Digital Event
What: Livestream
The event takes place in VRChat, a social platform in Virtual Reality. It will be streamed over Twitch, where viewers are enabled to exchange live with the dreamers in VRChat.
Event notes

Audiovisual content in English language. Partial written simultaneous translation into German will be provided in the chat next to the livestream for German-speaking audiences and audiences with hearing impairments. Audiences who speak other languages or non-German-speaking audiences with hearing impairments can choose to translate the chat into the language of their choice. Instructions will be available with the livestream. The streaming website and chat should be readable by a screen reader. Not suitable for children.


Dreamers: butternutbabe, Sadie Lune, Reenat
Filming & Stream Management: LilBagel, VirtuaLilly & VRCon Team
Concept: Katharina Haverich, Yael Sherill & Lianne Mol
Translation: Tabea Magyar


Virtual Club of Dangerous Women is supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.


Virtual Club of Dangerous Women