800A Bar & Cabaret

Berlin’s multicultural creative community has found a home at 800A in Wedding, a “poor but sexy” cocktail bar and a performance space that celebrates the diversity of the German capital and the artistic diversity of cabaret.

800A Bar & Cabaret regularly presents first-class performance and gives talented newcomers time on stage. 800A Bar & Cabaret loves art, burlesque, comedy, dance, drag, film, magic, music, poetry, and theater, like Queer Science Theater, Extravagant Shambles Burlesque and ComedyShorts Improv, to name just a few.

Always open to new and diverse performances, 800A Bar & Cabaret helps people to develop their inner creativity through improv and theater classes.

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Th 27.05

Eintritt frei
Th 27.05 20:00

The Richard P Dick Van Johnson Show

Suitable for english audience, Performance, Talk