In public space: Fontanestraße/Columbiadamm

The starting point is located at the corner of Fontanestraße and Columbiadamm and is easily accessible. It is located in the direct vicinity of Hasenheid park. From there, everyone will walk through Hasenheide together and, at the end, they will return to the starting point.


U8 Boddinstraße
Bus Fontanestraße/Flughafenstraße (M43, 166)

Venue notes
The meeting point is at the corner of Fontanestraße/Columbiadamm, at the snack bar.
This is a walk in public space with a flexible route to avoid curbs and other obstacles. A basic mobility and willingness to participate in an approximately 90-minute walk at a relaxed pace is required. Since the action takes place in the urban space, there is no established parking lot, but parking on the roadside is free in the vicinity of the starting points within the scope of legal possibilities. Due to the fact that the action takes place in the urban space, there are no sanitary facilities, but they can be approached if necessary (e.g. in surrounding cafés). Assistance and adaptation to special needs are possible in principle, but it is advisable to contact us in advance for more precise coordination. Since the format focuses on the participants talking to each other, participation is possible for the visually impaired, but may be difficult for the hearing impaired. The activity takes place outdoors during daylight hours.

Contact: Wiebke Hensle
Phone: 0176 781 29 802