The ensemble of buildings surrounding the Church of the Reformation has been operated and programmed at the threshold of spirituality, politics and arts by the sociocritical community REFO Moabit since 2011.

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S & Bus TXL Beusselstraße

Bus 123 & 106 Wittstocker Straße

Venue notes
You can reach the performance via the main entrance of the Reformation Church at Beusselstrasse 35.
There is continuous, step-free and level access from the street to the building and, if necessary, up to the performance hall. Please indicate if wheelchair access is needed when booking your ticket. There are no accessible parking spaces available. Wheelchair accessible restrooms are available. Space for wheelchairs or walkers is provided in the event hall/area, and there is the option of special appropriate seating and/or early entry to the hall.

Contact: Rike Flämig
Phone: 0176 2324 8153