STRAHL.Halle Ostkreuz


From schoolhouse and sports hall to youth hostel and theatre. The listed sports hall and former substation building on Marktstrasse, on the border between Friedrichshain and Lichtenberg, have been used for performances by Theater Strahl since 2013. The sports hall used to belong to the local school, the Gemeindeschule Ostkreuz, now the Berlin Ostkreuz Youth Hostel. The impressive ensemble of red-brick buildings has thus become a new cultural hub and tourist destination. With the help of lottery funding, Theater Strahl is planning to upgrade and remodel the Halle Ostkreuz over the course of the next two years and turn it into a fully fledged, professional theatre building.

Audio Tour of the Performance Venues
This venue is part of the audio venue tour. The feature can be listened to directly at the venue, while walking between the venues or directly here on the festival website. To listen to the contribution on the move, an internet-capable smartphone with sufficient battery life and QR code scanner as well as headphones are required.

Language: German, Duration: 04:11

Edda Schmidt, Jana Heilmann, Roberta Del Ben, Matthias Kelle, Wolfgang Stüßel, Zeyki Temizbas, Mira Laskowski, Lisa Brinckmann, Hazal Asci, Theres Gans, Maya Vehmeier, Max Hurlebaus

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S-Bahn Ostkreuz (Ausgang Sonntagstraße) + 10 Min. Fußweg, Bus 240 (Station Marktstraße)