Theater im Delphi


The Delphi is a former silent movie theater from the year 1929 that has been reopened as an international center for art and culture. As a production and performance venue, the theater offers a unique place for performing arts productions of all kinds, with excellent acoustics and breathtaking aesthetics. The artistic leadership of Per Aspera focuses on music theater and site-specific projects.

Audio Tour of the Performance Venues
This venue is part of the audio venue tour. The feature can be listened to directly at the venue, while walking between the venues or directly here on the festival website. To listen to the contribution on the move, an internet-capable smartphone with sufficient battery life and QR code scanner as well as headphones are required.

Language: German, Duration: 03:55

Nikolaus Schneider

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S Prenzlauer Allee
Tram & Bus Prenzlauer Allee/Ostseestraße

Venue notes
We ask wheelchair users to register their visit before the performance at the following e-mail address:
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