Spinner und Weber: Last Orders / Last Round!

@ Spinner und Weber
Playing times
Sa 28.05 16:00 - 18:00

We are theater artists on a rebellious, collective adventure in Spinner und Weber.  

As a supplement to the performative work that has been programmed in the Performing Arts Festival, they will use the open house format to provide some playful insight into the culture and history of the Spinner und Weber space. Just like the sound of the announcement of the last round provides insight into the hidden sides of the guests in a bar, they also want to share what is concealed behind the “mask”. The artists share not only the space with the audience but the performative process as well and invite them to have a drink and perhaps a piece of cake.

With: Michelle Madsen, Ash Willison, Karla FrancoLisa Ullrich , Angharad Matthews, Niall Fallon, Basti El Rawas & Lars Pressier

Spinner und Weber (Kulturhaus & Galerie)

Brüsseler Str. 37, 13353 Berlin