Centre Français de Berlin


The Centre Français de Berlin (CFB) is a french-german cultural centre in Berlin-Wedding with many different activities in the fields of education, youth and professional mobility. The cultural office has been developing an artistic programme in cooperation with partners from the independent scene in Berlin for several years.

Furthermore, the CFB is a local actor in Wedding-Mitte, which, together with its residents and partners, works against discrimination, for sustainable development, for strengthening social coexistence and common projects in a context that is shaped by diversity. The CFB is also involved in professional integration as well as in intercultural learning and exchange.

Audio Tour of the Performance Venues
This venue is part of the audio venue tour. The feature can be listened to directly at the venue, while walking between the venues or directly here on the festival website. To listen to the contribution on the move, an internet-capable smartphone with sufficient battery life and QR code scanner as well as headphones are required.

Language: German, Duration: 03:47

Julia Cozic, Maxime Castanier, Margot Tracq

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U Rehberge

We 26.05

Eintritt frei
We 26.05 14:00

KÖRPERSPUREN – Radiobeitrag von Martin Clausen & Co.

A gentle dance experience to listen to
Performance, Dance
Eintritt frei
We 26.05 16:30



Th 27.05

Eintritt frei
Th 27.05 17:00


An event by, with and for the audience!

Sa 29.05

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Sa 29.05 10:00

Die Leiche loswerden

Audiovisuelle Stadtraumbetrachtung im Gehen
digitale und/oder hybride Formate, In Public Space