AZLAY's selection makes it hard to talk about genres. It's the moment when everything is right that decides what happens next in their sets. In the process, the audience is in for a few surprises. From evergreens in new garments to driving instrumentals to yet unknown pearls -.  

AZLAY follows the motto "The way is the goal". The evening is at its best when the music has taken us on a wild journey. It doesn't matter if an Amapiano track is followed by Trap and then again by UK Garage or Jersey Club. The story is always continued....  

AZLAY played festivals like Splash!, Heroes or Fusion last year and is on the road all over Germany with their diverse sound.

Tu 30.05

PAF Opening

Opening, Concert & Party with FINNA and more
Tu 30.05. 18:30
Deutsch, Englisch & DGS