TD Berlin


TD Berlin is a theater in the middle of the city, centrally located between Alexanderplatz and the Spree river. It features programming that alternates weekly, consisting of new productions and performances that work with current societal topics. TD Berlin presents well over 30 different theater productions and related formats each year.

As a production location, TD Berlin is an important partner for independent companies and artists within local, national and international networks. TD Berlin cooperates with professional theater makers and talented newcomers to develop their projects. The focus of the programming rests on the further development of contemporary spoken word theater as well as on festival and city-related outdoor events.

TD Berlin also sees itself as a place for lively debate as well as an open meeting place for the society of the city that can come together here in exchange with artistic positions as well as pose questions to itself.

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U2 Klosterstraße

S+U Alexanderplatz & Jannowitzbrücke 

Bus 248 Littenstraße oder Alexanderplatz/Grunertstraße