Festival bar

With the Festival team
Playing times
We 31.05 · 16:00 - open end Th 01.06 · 16:00 - open end Fr 02.06 · 16:00 - open end Sa 03.06 · 16:00 - open end
Free entrance

Berliner Ringtheater

Am Krögel 2, 10179 Berlin

Circus Schatzinsel

May-Ayim-Ufer 4, 10997, Berlin

TD Berlin

Klosterstraße 44, 10179 Berlin

Each even, you can meet members of the festival team at various theater bars throughout the city and raise a glass together. Have you always had a burning question about the festival? Would you like to learn more about the festival team, or maybe just chat about the weather? Everything is possible, just keep an eye open for us!

The team will visit a different festival bar each evening. The venues are:

May, 31 Berlin Ringtheater
after the performance "SINGLES NEAR YOU" (9:45 pm)

June, 01 English Theatre Berlin
after the performance "THE BERLIN DIARIES" (10:20 pm)

June, 02 Circus Schatzinsel
after the performance "KARTOGRAFIE DER NÄHE" (6:55 pm)

June, 03 TD Berlin
after the performance " INTRODUCING... War Frame (9:40 pm)


The Performing Arts Festival team brings together young and experienced artists, festival designers, organizers, editors, public relations staff....

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