Programming from the Community

Over four days from May 31 to June 3, the Programming from the Community presents its works morning, noon and night at familiar and new locations throughout the city!

Once again, the independent performing arts community itself has decided which productions should be presented to a national and international audience as part of the Berlin Performing Arts Festival. Alongside the genres of dance, performance and spoken word theater, the spectators can also experience theater for young audiences, new music, game theater, puppet theater and contemporary circus.

The entire city will be taken over anew and transformed into places for performances — from Mitte to Reinickendorf, from “classical” performance venues to events in public space and a site-specific production in Lichtenberg, there is a little bit of everything. We are looking forward to long-term companions of the festival as well as new locations that invite us to explore them.

In public space, we will meet up on Tempelhof Field, Statthaus Böcklerpark or in vacant storefronts between Friedrichstraße and Checkpoint Charlie. The artists intentionally infiltrate these urban bodies and thus also change social areas of activity. A dialogue will take place in an easily accessible manner that innovatively redefines societal participation.

The Berlin Performing Arts Festival presents the diversity and aesthetic orientation of the independent performing arts in Berlin. This year, we are exploring the topic of “bodies under tension”. At times, the body is placed in the focus as something very specific and, at other times, as an abstract form. It always refers to a counterpart and places itself within a variety of societal contexts. The artists examine and come to terms with identities, memories and with the body as an archive, with crises and with much, much more. The productions each stand for themselves in terms of their unique nature, but each also follows a higher desire - the desire for a better world.

Programming from the Community